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Following successful screenings of the "Barbarians at the Gate" pilot, this hard-edged crime thriller about fascism is script-ready for production.

A production prospectus (including costings, treatment, and Blind Samurai resources) is going to press.

We are courting co-producers and distribution deals for this important and exciting project.

Our mission statement

Blind Samurai is an independent film development and production company, based in Malvern, Worcestershire. It also operates in other media including graphic noivel production, the production of novels and long form TV drama.

Founded in May 2004, we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission statement.

To reestablish narrative at the core of British Television and Filmmaking. To provide intelligent but generic films (mostly thrillers) and TV product based on our own scripts and co-production deals.

To develop narrative ideas through various media (including novels, novella and graphic novels) with an eye to film and television production. To perform an educational role both through our own film schools and in collaboration with the regional educational sector...


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